The company offers services on verification and calibration of measuring instruments

We accept orders for the following works:
  • reception of measuring instruments for verification / calibration;
  • execution of applications-accounts, acts;
  • issuance of MI agents with a set of documents;
  • coordination of MI verification charts.
Requirements for the application and the supplied measuring instruments:

In order to carry out verification / calibration, it is required to submit a cover letter to the reception office MI - an application signed by the head of the applicant organization (for an urgent verification it’s necessary to indicate in the letter-application for urgent verification).

The application must contain:
  • full and abbreviated name of the applicant organization;
  • legal and postal address;
  • surname, initials of the head;
  • bank details;
  • list of submitted MI in verification / calibration with the name, type, serial number and year of manufacture.
  • MI are provided for verification / calibration unpacked / uncovered, in the presence of operational documentation, in the complete set, with the verification procedure and a certificate of the last verification.
  • MI are marked with indelible paint, indicating the name of the organization - owner of the measuring instruments or abbreviated name (abbreviation).
  • Glass thermometers and viscometers should be marked and packed in standard cases manufactured by the manufacturer.
  • Oxygen gauges must be degreased, and have an accompanying certificate of their degreasing signed by the responsible person, stamped by the owner of the MI.