Limited Liability Partnership "VK Project" was established in 2013. The main direction of work is the supply of high-tech equipment, components and accessories.

Much experience has been accumulated in the development and implementation of solutions for the collection, storage, processing of data, control systems for aero physical and aero chemical parameters of the atmosphere and hydrosphere. The application of metrological support services rendered the application of metrological support services: the introduction of measuring instruments into the register of the state system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the organization of the approval of the type of measuring instruments, the performance of metrological certification, the recognition of the primary verification of the measuring instrument and the mutual recognition of entry in the State Register of SR in the CIS countries.

Chronology of the projects:
  • May 2014 - delivery of an automatic marine station for hydro meteorological and environmental monitoring AADI YSI EMM 2.0;
  • October 2014 - supply of upper-air sounding systems GRAW;
  • November 2014 - supply of 3PAR StoreServ data storage systems;
  • December 2014 - delivery of automatic marine stations of hydro meteorological and ecological monitoring AADI YSI EMM 2.0;
  • April 2015 - pilot project of the "SafeQ" print control system.