Are you looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business?

We provide our clients with a set of integrated services for outsourcing document-intensive business processes and managing the infrastructure of production and processing of documents to reduce costs, improve productivity and accelerate your business.

  • Do you want to optimize printing costs?
    Do you need to manage costs?
    Do you want to simplify the printing process?
    Do you need trouble-free printing?
    Do you want to work with one printing service provider?
    Is it important for you to release IT staff from "printing" tasks?

If 50% of your answers are yes, then this information is for you:

Outsourcing of office printing is the maintenance and management of printing documents in your office. Its meaning is in a simple and quickly feasible solution, the purpose of which is the uninterrupted operation of copying equipment in your office


What do you get as a result of outsourcing printing:

  • You stop paying separately for paper, separately for consumables, separately for maintenance and repair of equipment, etc.
  • the downtime of equipment associated with the expectation of repairs and spare parts are reduced
  • You only pay for real prints made by your company's printers; the number of prints is set by the counters that exist in each printer, you can always check this data.
  • The cost of a single print on the outsourcing program, as a rule, is reduced by 20-50% (without taking into account the cost of paper and with a minimum occupancy rate of the sheet).


At the conclusion of the contract you receive:

  • Maintenance and repair of existing equipment (if necessary).
  • Delivery of missing equipment (on behalf and on client's funds)


During the contract period:

  • Regular exit of the master for the prevention and maintenance of printing equipment (according to technical documentation for the technique).
  • Emergency exit of the master when the equipment fails to repair and repairing.
  • Replacement of failed parts and parts, including quickly wearing parts (the Contract includes both the cost of parts and the work to replace them).
  • Supplies and replacements of cartridges and other consumables.
  • If necessary: the permanent presence of a full-time engineer of VK Project in the client's office for maintenance of equipment and prompt resolution of other issues
  • Delivery of paper and other materials on which the print is made

If you do not currently have your printing equipment (for example, you moved or are just starting a business), then the outsourcing printing service can be expanded, and within the contract you will also receive all the necessary printing equipment.

In this case, the technology itself remains in the ownership of our company or in the ownership of the leasing company. The issues of delivery, maintenance, repair, replacement, etc. are in the area of responsibility.

In this case, except economy on the printing, you reduce taxable base due to lack of the copy and printing equipment on your balance. Besides, within the framework of audit specialists of our company make the project of an arrangement and installation of the printing equipment.



  • Absence of one-time costs for the purchase of printing equipment;
  • Use of modern printing equipment with modern systems of accounting and control of printing processes;
  • Uninterrupted operation of the part of equipment, thanks to quarterly maintenance and quick response to the call in the event of unforeseen breakdowns;
  • Outsourcing of office printing reduces the burden on your staff (purchasing department, IT staff, administration), which now can deal with the main tasks of your business.
  • Optimize the park of equipment and, as a result, reduce printing costs.
  • Now you can clearly understand how much you spend on printing and thereby understand the benefits of outsourcing printing. 
  • Restrict printing on users, number and type of printing.
  • Accounting and distribution of costs among users and departments.
  • Regular updating of the printing equipment park without the need to recycle the old equipment
  • Payment for one service billing