Technical maintenance of DMRL (Doppler Meteorological Radar) METEOR 635 C and modernization of DMRL METEOR 500 C in the city of Almaty .:: 

VK Project LLP since 2018 has been involved in the maintenance project of the DMRL (Doppler Meteorological Radar) in the cities of Aktau, Uralsk, Aktobe and Almaty, as well as the modernization of the DMRL in the city of Almaty. The customer and the end user were the RSE "KAZAERONAVIGIGATION".
DMRL (Doppler Meteorological Radar) METEOR 635C, manufactured by Selex ES, now Leonardo, Germany - is a high-precision meteorological radar with proven reliability. C-band METEOR radars include all advanced technologies in the field of meteorology, signal processing and engineering, as well as the IT industry to provide the best quantitative data on weather and airspace status.
As part of the project, technical maintenance of the DMRL is carried out in the cities of Aktau, Uralsk, Aktobe and Almaty. Maintenance includes diagnostics of the system, both software and hardware, repair and replacement of components, consultation on operation, as well as supply of spare parts and tools (spare parts, tools and accessories). Monthly activities are being carried out to support and improve the work of the DMRL. All work is performed by certified specialists and engineers who have permission to diagnose, calibrate and repair the above equipment, confirmed by the manufacturer.
In addition to maintenance, the city of Almaty is gradually upgrading the DMRL for switching the system to dual polarization to improve the quality of monitoring, increase the capacity and functionality of the DMRL, and extend the life of the system. After the stage of diagnostics and assessment of the state of the system, the components are replaced, then they are integrated.