Installation of meteorological stations in the international transit corridor Western Europe-Western China, on the Almaty-Khorgos section.

In 2018, a project was carried out for the installation and installation of weather stations, consisting of seven road and weather sensors, at six points on the Almaty-Khorgos road. The end user was the RGP "KAZAVTOZHOL".

A weather station consisting of four IRS 31Pro road sensors and WS100, WS200, WS300 weather sensors (manufacturer LUFFT, Germany) is installed on a certain kilometer of the road to monitor the current weather conditions. Six similar stations were installed on the Almaty-Khorgos road. IRS 31Pro are installed in asphalt or concrete on each lane of the road, and transmit information about the state of the road surface and the external and internal temperature of the road. WS100, WS200 and WS300 weather sensors are installed on the road arch at two, five and ten meters above the road. These sensors allow you to monitor wind speed and direction, the amount and type of precipitation, the current temperature and humidity. The data from each weather station is processed on a single server by Viewmondo software. Viewmondo allows the user to monitor and analyze data in real time. Moreover, meteorological stations were integrated with an electronic LED screen located along the road to display current weather data, which allows drivers to be informed.



Arch with installed sensors WS100, WS200, WS300. Track with IRS 31Pro sensor and LED screen.